As members of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, we are able to provide affordable vacations for our clients. Our packages are flexible and tailored to fit your needs. We are proud to be competitive to major corporations, such as Cheap Caribbean.


Room Type                     Per Day                      Per Week

Studio                                                       $60                                                      $389

1 Bedroom Suite                                    $72                                                        $449

2 Bedroom Suite                                    $88                                                        $565



*Maximum Occupancy: 1 Bedroom = 2 adults and 1 child; 2 Bedroom = 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children

*Per diam all-inclusive pricing is solely based on Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resorts and can fluctuate, depending on the season. The average cost is $50/day per person. This includes all food, non-alcoholic, and alcoholic beverages.


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